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Jalil (FIN)

Jalil is 17-year-old boy living with his Iranian family in a suburb near Helsinki. Though he has lived in Finland all his life, it seems hard for him to find acceptance among "native" Finns. At home he faces the opposite problem. His parents demand him to respect Iranian cultural traditions. The film Jalil is about one day in the life of a boy standing on the edge of two cultures. On this summer day big things are bound to culminate: religion, identity, love.

Director: Mazdak Nassir
Run time: 30 min

11.12.2013. 19:55

Birthday - Födelsedag (SWE)

Sara prepares a surprise for her wife Katarina’s birthday with the help of their daughter Johanna and their friend Fredrik. But on this early summer day, Katarina has something to tell her. Sara must handle the unexpected news while taking care of the birthday party. Her joy is mixed with growing feelings of isolation and frustration. With the help of Johanna she is able to find her true feelings.

Director: Jenifer Malmqvist
Run time: 18 min

11.12.2013. 19:55

Laban the Little Ghost - Rattle and Rolls (SWE)

Hurray, once again we get to visit Laban the Little Ghost and all of his friends at Morningsun castle. In the fourth movie about Laban the Little Ghost, we can expect fun times, baking and spooky adventures. Laban the Little Ghost is still afraid of the dark, Labolina is noisier than ever and Prince Mischief is always inventing fun games to play.
Come and watch everything scary, funny and exiting.

This film is being screened FREE to the public thanks to a grant from the Swedish Council of America.

Run time: 44 min

This film is in Swedish with English subtitles. Will your children have difficulty following along if they aren't old enough to read and can't understand Swedish?
---No! We are so confident that they will understand it, we offer a money-back guarantee!

What can I do to prepare my child to watch a film in another language?
--- Come early! We will be having several activities for children starting 30 minutes before each screening.

I have a young child who is still breastfeeding. Do I need to leave the theater to breast feed?
---No! Our film festival is breastfeeding friendly, as is the norm in Scandinavia.

I am an adult who doesn't have kids, can I still come to this film for free?
---Yes! Many individuals studying Swedish or who speak Swedish might find this film of specific interest. Just know that there might be a few screaming kids and breastfeeding mothers.

Can I reserve tickets to this film?
---Yes, reserve your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets.

11.12.2013. 19:54


Check out the printable schedule.

11.12.2013. 19:48

Veeti and the Beanstalk - Veeti ja pavunvarsi (FIN)

Veeti and the Beanstalk is a story about a boy (Joona Jormanainen) who is cast in the middle of grown-ups' grief.
After his father's (Jaakko Tohkanen) death, Veeti's mother (Ulla Lehmusoksa) cries so much that their house becomes flooded. Soon the flood of her tears threatens to drown the whole house. To escape from the flood, Veeti decides to grow a magical tree that will reach all the way to heaven. What will happen when, against Veeti's hopes, the tree doesn't grow and the water keeps rising higher day after day?

Director: Susanna Kotilainen Run time: 13 min

11.12.2013. 19:47

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